East and West Churches Come Together for the Kids of Rus Rus


A team of six men and women traveled to MAG’s Honduras mission base January 30 through February 10, 2014 to hold a Vacation Bible School for children from the villages of Rus Rus and Mahbita. This was a very special team as, not only was it comprised of volunteers from both East and West coasts of the US, but it was also the first time a VBS program had been held for these children.  Led by Carlos Paz, MAG Director of Pastoral Ministries, volunteers Pastor Alan Inacio, Dave Pulzetti, and Mackenzie Jackson (West Church, Haverhill, MA) and Brett and Tammy White (Grace Baptist Church, Santa Maria, CA) also conducted a youth event and Bible study every afternoon.

From Brett & Tammy White: “We were thrilled with the turnout to our VBS over the course of the week, averaging between 45 and 50 children each day. We began with the very basic tenets of Christianity from Creation to Salvation with the hopes that we will be able to return with lessons and activities that will build on that foundation in the years to come. All the children were eager to learn, play and sing with us. The activities that we planned were well received and it was a joy to watch them throughout the week wearing or carrying items that they had made during craft times. It seems like the week came and went more quickly than time should be allowed to pass!”


From Carlos Paz: “The children truly loved it. The local school hasn’t held classes for these children for the past two years. Consequently, the children were fully engaged and got into the whole experience with all their hearts. As the week of VBS drew to a close, the children all enthusiastically responded to the gospel message and invitation. Without even being prompted, they screamed out the prayer to receive Jesus. That was a very touching moment for us as a team, and an eternity-changing event for each of the children.

“The youth event quickly became the “youth and 10 soldiers” event when I felt that we might also reach out to the young soldiers based in the village. After talking to their Sargent, it was apparent the soldiers were very interested in participating. So from Tuesday to Friday, the youth and the soldiers gathered together every afternoon to learn about God, study the Bible, and enjoy fellowship through singing and playing games.”


At the soldier’s request, Carlos continued to meet with them for bible study even as the VBS team returned to the United States. Carlos and Dave Pulzetti remained in Rus Rus to interpret for the International Health Services (IHS) medical brigade set for February 17-26 at the Rus Rus Hospital.