Hospital Donations Include Water Purification System


July and August saw a tremendous amount of cargo arrive at the Rus Rus Hospital, much of it donated supplies and equipment that will have a great and immediate impact upon the people living along our little section of the Rio Coco.  World Medical Mission, an arm of Samaritan's Purse of Boone, NC, donated a number of new and used medical instruments that will directly impact patient care. Adult and infant scales, oxygen generators, IV pumps, fetal monitors, and nebulizers were all donated to assist MAG in its mission to show genuine compassion to the Miskito people by meeting their need for medical care.  Other equipment, purchased from donated funds, was brought in to upgrade the labratory capabilities of the hospital, enabling some basic blood analysis critical to "everyday" patient care in the jungle.  More equipment and staff training is needed.


Another critical need – that of clean drinking water – was met by another generous company.  Aquamira, a Logan, Utah based company specializing in water purification, donated two DIVVY mobile water treatment systems to allow MAG to meet the need for clean water not only in the hospital, but in the entire village – and beyond.  One system was installed on the hospital grounds to serve Rus Rus and the other is prepared for emergency deployment anywhere in the region by MAG aircraft as a disaster reponse asset. 

Much of the village turned out to pump the first purified water that some of these families have ever had.  Many people, particularly young children, die each year in this area due to dysentery and other water-borne parasitic illnesses.  MAG President Sean Donnelly, while on assignment as the relief pilot in Rus Rus in July and August, had the opportunity to fly the system in and do the installation. Sean reports, "The people were so appreciative.  It meant alot to them to be given this gift – not the system per se, but a way to keep their children from getting sick from dirty water. They understand how important this is – and were truly grateful.  What a blessing [for me] to be the one who got to bring this in to them. Really cool!"