Satellite System Goes Live in Rus Rus


Imagine you're a pilot needing to do an emergency medical flight with a critically injured patient. You need to make a 300 nm flight over rugged mountains and remote jungle.  You have no radar services or radio communications and absolutely no idea what the conditions are just over the horizon, let alone whether or not you can even LAND when you get there! 

Thanks to some generous donors, this is no longer the case for the MAG pilots operating from the remote Rus Rus mission base.  Through the newly installed system, broadband internet is now available as well as regular telephone service.   This not only provides better safety and security for our missionaries, but access to logistics and technical support that was simply never possible before. 

Scheduling construction teams, medical flights, and supply shipments;  Being able to access medical information, and order parts for the aircraft; Seeing real-time weather satellite images – $300.per month.      Being able to call home and talk to your family – Priceless!