MAG is a Christian organization utilizing aircraft to deliver medical care and to support humanitarian, relief, and ministry operations in poor and remote areas. We target areas having limited or no access to healthcare, providing assistance without regard for race or religion.

MAG expands the reach of doctors and hospitals delivering healthcare in remote rural areas. We make healthcare accessible to some of the neediest and most isolated people groups in Central America.

MAG was incorporated in 1984 (formerly Harvesters International Mission), and is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity whose aircraft, pilots, volunteers, and donors are often the difference between life and death for the people we serve.

MAG delivers

"Help and Hope by Air"




we are Christians reaching across cultural and geographic boundaries to show compassion by meeting physical needs, after the example of Jesus.




we use aircraft as a tool to reach remote and otherwise inaccessible areas needing aid, especially medical care.




we are a bunch of dedicated individuals, churches, and partner charities working together to accomplish what none of us could alone.