Phase II of Airstrip Construction at PK-27 Base. Project Cost: $10,000

Project Fully Funded


Project Budget and Details:

Estimated breakdown of project costs:

$6,000  Heavy Equipment Rental

$3,000  In Country Travel, Lodging, and Meals 

$       0  International Travel, Airfare

$       0  Entry Visas and Permits

$1,000  Administrative/Overhead Costs

The work will be conducted by a volunteer team of MAG staff missionaries and volunteers already in Gabon for an aircraft maintenance mission, saving the cost of airfare and travel visas for this project.

Human impact:

This aircraft is the only missionary air ambulance serving a country of nearly 2 million people. Located just 10 miles from the only international airport in the country, this airstrip will serve as a critical link between the capital city and the pastors, missionaries, and medical outposts serving all 9 of Gabon’s  departments.


“PK-27” is a new campus of social work ministries led by our national church partners.  The landing strip there will offer our MAG airplane a much-needed landing option in norther Gabon other than the international airport with its complex process to register landings and takeoffs, passenger registration, cargo inspections, and associated fees for almost every step along the way.  Additionally, this base will foster the vision of adding an aviation education component to the national church’s vocational-technical school.  The goal of Phase II is to completely clear the landing area. Future project phases, dependent upon funding and volunteers, include (Phase III) grading and drainage,  (Phase IV) applying and compressing a laterite surface, and (Phase V) construction of a hangar and flight operations office.