Aircraft Annual Inspection and Repairs. Project Cost: $25,000

Start Date: June 2018

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Funding Status


Project Budget and Details: 

Estimated breakdown of project costs:

$10,000  Aircraft Parts and shipping

$    500  Hangar and Shop costs

$ 2,000  Test Flights and Aircraft Relocation

$ 9,000  International Travel, Airfare

$ 2,000  In Country Travel, Lodging, and Meals

$ 1,000  Entry Visas and Permits

$ 1,500  Administrative/Overhead Costs

The work will be conducted in the country of Cameroon at the facility of a partner ministry (SIL/JAARS Cameroon). After flight testing and a “return to service flight”, the airplane (N207FD) will be able to be returned to duty in Gabon.

Human Impact:

This aircraft serves the Bongolo Hospital, a missionary hospital in southern Gabon, and is the only missionary air ambulance serving a country of nearly 2 million people. Bongolo hospital and it’s missionary and national staff see over 40,000 patients per year from all over western and central Africa. Travel between Bongolo and the capital city is tremendously difficult, dangerous, and exhausting 10 hour trip by road, and may only be attempted in daylight hours. This aircraft is a needed life line for medical staff, patients, and visiting teams.


Due to the our pilot being home for his pre-mature son's medical care, funds that normally are developed through operations are not currently happening, leading to a short fall.  We need partners to give us an external, financial boost to assist us in meeting the costs associated with our annual inspection, some minor repairs, and a few upgrades (engine mounts; avionics) that will enhance the safety and longevity of the aircraft, allowing it to serve well for years to come.